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Contact Your Legislator

Get to Know Your Legislator

If you do not know who your State Representative or State Senator is, please refer to  You just have to simply type in your zip code to find out who represents your district at the Statehouse.  If you own a business, you might want to check to see if someone else represents your business’s district.

When you find your legislators, give them a call, write them a letter, e-mail, or send them a fax.  Your Senator of State Representative’s contact information will be listed on the web site above.  Let them know what issues are important to you and other licensed counselors and school counselors around the state.

While you are on the website, take the time to read their short biography.  This a good way to begin to learn a little bit more about him/her.  You might have something in common, like going to the same church, or maybe you both were involved in Big Brother/Big Sister.  These common interests could be a catalyst for a future relationship with your legislator.

If your legislator is term-limited and is not running for another office, you may want to call your local Board of Elections and find out who is running in your district.

Contacting Your Senators and Representatives

OMHCA is invested in using the legislative process to create better conditions for the practice of clinical mental health counseling in the State of Ohio .  When critical legislative issues arise, we need the active support of PC and PCC counselors across the State of Ohio to write, e-mail, or call their Representatives and Senators and ask them to pass legislation important to our profession. 

To quickly identify your Senator and Representative in the Ohio General Assembly you can link to the general search engine at
Find my Ohio State Legislators.








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